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Compromise over Plan Ibarretxe

5 May 2004

VITORIA – The Basque regional parliament appeared to offer the Spanish government some form of compromise over the controversial Plan Ibarretxe Wednesday.

The president of Basque government Juan Maria Atutxa said the plan will not go through parliament until next year.

While it awaits proper debate, Atutxa asked the Socialist government to offer alternative suggestions to the plan which would make the Basque country into a virtually separate state from Spain.

The plan, put forward by Basque regional prime minister Juan Jose Ibarretxe, would give the region separate courts, school systems and representation at the European Parliament.

Ibarretxe has claimed it would end ETA’s terrorist campaign.

All the major Spanish political parties have opposed the plan, but the new government wanted to find some form of compromise with regional Basque parties which support the plan.

The Plan Ibarretxe is currently in Parliament in a closed-door committee phase, where several people are giving their opinion before partial amendments are debated.

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