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Commuters pay silent tribute to 11 March victims

Published on 18/03/2004

18 March 2004

MADRID – Commuters passing through the stations that were hit by ten terrorist bombs a week ago were in sombre mood Thursday.

Passengers travelling through Atocha, El Pazo and Santa Eugenia stations paid a silent tribute to the 202 people killed in the bomb attacks and the 1,400 who were injured.

All services have been restored to normal.

Thousands also gathered Thursday for a rally near Atocha station to commemorate those who died or were injured.

A symbolic service was held outside the station at 12.30pm.

Later the mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, announced that a permanent memorial will be erected at Atocha station for the victims.

The concrete statute will record all the names of those who died.

But thousands of Madrilenos have already converted the station into a shrine, with posters, candles and other tributes at the entrance.

Ruiz-Gallardón said the monument would have to show the “sadness for the tragedy” but also remember the “solidarity of all citizens” involved on 11 March.
Those who helped the victims are to be awarded a medal of honour, the highest distinction possible.

Authorities said Thursday that 189 victims were still being treated in hospital for their injuries a week after the terrorist attacks.

Seven of these were said to be in a “critical” condition.

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