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Cocaine smuggled inside dogs

14 April 2004

MALAGA – Police smashed a gang which packed cocaine inside dogs to smuggle it into Spain, it was reported Wednesday.

Nine Colombians, two Venezuelans and two Spaniards were arrested in Malaga and in Madrid.

Authorities seized five kgs of cocaine during the operation.

Packets of the drug had to be surgically removed from six dogs, according to officials.

Investigations into the drug ring began in February, after authorities received reports about the presence of cocaine traffickers in Malaga, in southern Spain.

Authorities identified some of the Colombians who were arrested Tuesday and set up a tracking and surveillance operation.

Police arrested some suspects when they arrived in Madrid from Colombia carrying a cache of cocaine hidden in several shipments declared as live animals.

Officers discovered six cages transporting as many dogs, but an initial inspection showed none of them to be carrying drugs.

X-rays later revealed foreign objects inside the animals, at which point they were submitted to a surgical procedure during which 49 latex-covered cylinders containing a total of 4,550 grams of pure cocaine were extracted.

All the dogs survived the operation and are recovering satisfactorily at an animal shelter in Madrid.

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