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Classroom horror: recent school slayings worldwide

The list does not include deaths resulting from guerrilla actions, such as the slaughter of 186 children and 146 adults at a school in Beslan, Russia in September 2004.

– March 11, 2009 – Germany – 10.

Nine students, three teachers and three passers-by are killed in a school shooting in southern Germany by a former pupil who is then shot dead by police.

– September, 2008 – Finland – 11.

Eleven people, including the gunman, die in a massacre at a training school at Kauhajoki, Finland.

– November 2007 – Finland: nine

An 18-year-old student opens fire in a school in southern Finland, killing five boys, two girls and the headmistress before turning his gun on himself.

– April 2007: United States: 33

A South Korean student kills 32 people on his campus at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. He then kills himself.

– March 2005 – United States: 10

A 16-year-old boy kills two people at his home in Minnesota, then goes to his school where he kills five fellow students, a teacher, a security guard and himself.