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Child pornography gang smashed

Published on 02/04/2004

2 April 2004

BARCELONA – A gang of paedophiles which was distributing pornographic images of children as young as four has been arrested, police said Friday.

The images, of boys and girls aged between four and years old, showed the children having sex with adults.

The images were disguised through authentic Internet servers and distributed to other paedophiles.

The police operation was launched after a tip-off from Interpol. which received information about a similar child pornography ring in Italy.

Four people have been arrested in Mataró, near Barcelona, Teo, near La Coruna, in north-western Spain and Las Palmas. They were aged between 21 and 26.

When police raided the homes of gang members they seized a large amount of pornographic images.

In one home, there were 73 computer discs with various graphic images of child pornography.

Police were able to check from home computer records if  the suspects had been accessing the pornography.

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