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Cartoonist fined over romping royal image

14 November 2007

MADRID – The authors of a caricature depicting the prince and princess of Asturias in a sexual position were fined €3,000 each yesterday by a High Court judge for slander.

Judge José María Vázquez Honrubia ordered cartoonist Guillermo Torres and writer Manel Fontedevila to pay the fine for the front cover illustration they produced for the July 20 edition of satirical magazine ‘El Jueves’.

The drawing, a commentary on the government’s plan to give parents €2,500 for every newborn child, depicted Crown Prince Felipe and his wife Letizia in a sexual position, with the prince declaring: “Do you realize? If you end up pregnant… this will be the closest thing to working I’ve ever done in my life!”

Fontedevila yesterday called the whole case “ridiculous.”

“We shouldn’t be here for this stupid thing,” he told reporters. The ruling is open to appeal.

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