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Canaries heatwave claims another victim

2 August 2004

MADRID – A 13th victim has died as a result of the heatwave that has engulfed the Canary Islands in recent days according to the regional Health Council in Las Palmas.

The only details given were that the victim was an elderly woman who died in a Tenerife hospital over the weekend.

A connection with a further seven deaths, initially believed to be related to the rising temperatures, had now been ruled out said the Council.

With temperatures reaching as high as 40 degrees, as hot winds surge in from the Sahara, the people most at risk were the young and the old, as well as those with chronic illnesses.

All the victims recorded so far have been among the over 60s, most of whom were living on their own in poor conditions and suffered from existing complaints that have been aggravated by the heat, said the Council.

The fact that no children had been hospitalised showed that by taking sensible precautions, families could avoid the heatwave having serious effects.

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