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Bullfighter recovers from goring

Published on 24/06/2004

24 June 2004

MADRID – One of Spain’s top bullfighters was recovering in hospital Thursday from a horrific goring in which a bull’s horn sliced through his leg, leaving a 25cm gash.

Enrique Ponce also broke his collarbone and two ribs when the bull tossed him into the air, then trampled on him as he lay on the ground covering his head with his hands.

Spanish fighting bulls can weigh up to 600kg.

The bull attacked as Ponce was preparing to finish it off with a death blow in the south-eastern city of Alicante Tuesday.

Doctors said the bull’s horn had pierced one side of the fighter’s right thigh and come out the other.

Ponce initially wanted to keep fighting after the attack, but was carried out of the ring and fainted.

He had emergency surgery at the stadium.

Its chief surgeon, José Maria Reyes, said Ponce was recovering well and might be out of hospital in 48 hours. He will, however, be out of action for up to six weeks.

The last time a well-known matador died in the ring was in 1985, when Miguel Cubero was gored to death.

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