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Briton kills baby son

Published on 01/03/2004

1 March 2004

BARCELONA – A British man was arrested for allegedly killing his six-month old son, police said Monday.

He arrived with his girlfriend at a hospital in Barcelona with the baby’s body.

Doctors found the boy had signs of bruising, other scars and a cigarette burn.

The father, who is 35 and has been living in Barcelona, was arrested on Saturday.

Police said he had no criminal history.
Medics found bruises and scars on his head and “extremities” and a cigarette burn on one leg.

An autopsy revealed that the boy died from a combination of suffocation and skull fractures.

Police sources said the baby’s mother had gone to Britain for a holiday when the child was murdered.

The maternal grandmother had been left to look after the baby.

Neighbours in the Sant Joan area where the father lived said they had often heard “cries and screams” from the baby.

But none of the neighbours believed that the baby was being abused.

One neighbour, who was named only as Ana, said the child often cried as if he was hungry.

She said the father did not have much to do with other neighbours and she thought he was originally of an Eastern European background.

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