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Bodyguard shot dead in city centre

Published on 14/06/2004

14 June 2004

ALMERIA – The former bodyguard of a murdered businessman was shot dead Monday in the middle of a busy city.

Police said Antonio Bernabé Capel, 54, was shot dead Monday in Almeria in front of shocked witnesses.

The 50-year-old son of the businessman was arrested after the shooting.

Juan Asensio, 71, was a well-known businessman died after being shot at his home in February this year.

His body was found in the lift of the building where he lived.

He had been shot in the head.

Asensio owned a number of cinemas and a theatre in Almeria.

He had served time for the murder of a Belgian and he was also arrested for the alleged murder of his ex-wife, but was released without charge.

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