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‘Bin Laden’ claims Madrid massacre was revenge

Published on 15/04/2004

15 March 2004

DUBAI – Arab television released an audio tape Thursday in which a man claiming to be Osama bin Laden says the Madrid massacre was retaliation for Spain’s attack on Muslims around the world.

The figure claiming to be Bin Laden also offers Europe a truce if it ceases attacks on Muslims.

The 11 March attacks killed 192 people and left more than 1,500 people with injuries.

The voice on the tape said the Madrid attacks were in revenge for Spain’s role in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

The voice on the as yet unverified tape, which was aired on the Al Arabiya television network, said that what took place on 11 September and 11 March “are your goods returned to you so that you know security is a necessity for all”.

“Sensible people will not allow politicians to risk their safety,” the tape said, urging Europeans “to stop spilling our blood so we can stop spilling your blood”.

The tape makes reference to Russia, whose people were killed only after attacking Afghanistan in the 1980s and Chechnya, and the United States after “supporting the Jews in Palestine and their invasion of the Arabian Peninsula”.

But Miguel Angel Moratinos, Spain’s incoming foreign minister, said: “Those of us who are looking for peace, democracy and freedom don’t have to listen or pay attention.”

The former envoy on Middle Eastern affairs of the European Union said Spain would remain steadfast in the fight against terrorism.

The seven-minute tape added that Europeans were attacked only after they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan.

The recording does not take direct responsibility for the Madrid blasts, nor does it make mention of any ties between al-Qaeda, those arrested in connection with the 11 March11 attacks or the seven terrorists who blew themselves up in Leganes, a Madrid neighborhood, on 3 April during a Spanish police operation.

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