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Beckham’s ‘secret Dutch lover became jealous’

7 April 2004

AMSTERDAM — Rebecca Loos, the Dutch woman rumoured to have had an affair with British soccer star David Beckham, said she made their alleged relationship public because the Real Madrid player had sent sexual SMS messages to other women.

A friend of Loos has reportedly claimed that the Dutch diplomat’s daughter was enraged when she found out that Beckham also exchanged SMS mobile messages with another woman.

Loos’ friend said the other woman — known on the Madrid party scene — started bragging about getting sexual SMS messages from Beckham, prompting Loos to publicly reveal that she had an affair with the soccer star.

She also claims that Loos did not feel guilty about what affect the affair could have on his marriage with former Spice Girl Victoria, saying that Beckham knew what he was doing, Dutch daily newspaper De Telegraaf reported on Wednesday.

Loos also admits she was never in love with Beckham. “I only thought it was nice to be his lover. I am a self-assured woman who just wants to have some fun and I have absolute no wish to become the next Mrs Beckham,” she said.

Meanwhile, former boyfriends of Loos claimed on Tuesday that she is bisexual and addicted to sex. They also said she has had affairs with three top tennis players.

Australian tennis star Pat Cash has since admitted he is about 50 percent certain he was one of those players. “I wish I could say it with certainty, but truthfully I cannot precisely remember,” Cash, who won Wimbledon in 1987, said.

British media claimed this week that Loos and Beckham had a three-month affair from September 2003. Beckham has denied the claims and is reportedly considering lodging an official complaint against the British media.

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