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Beckham tells of fears at arrival in Spain

Published on 10/02/2004

10 February 2004

MADRID – David Beckham spoke Tuesday of his fears at arriving in Spain to play for Real Madrid.

Beckham said he was worried Spaniards believed he had simply been bought by Real Madrid to sell football shirts.

The former Manchester United star was sold to Real Madrid last summer in a multi-million euro deal.

In an interview with Sky Sports 1 television channel, Beckham said: “People had few expectations with my arrival as player, as a person – they thought that  I had come to sell shirts.”

He added: “It was difficult to come from a club like Manchester United and to go on doing it well at the same level. Football is a challenge every day, but I am enjoying this challenge.”

The England team captain said he felt he had demonstrated he was not only a footballer of quality and techinical skills but a big worker in the Real Madrid team.

He said playing for Real Madrid was like being in the Harlem Globetrotters, the famous basketball team.

“There are many great players and ‘showmen’ and I wanted to be one of these stars and play in this team, ” he revealed.

“I was very nervous when I arrived to meet Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Luis Figo, and Raul, but they were all magnificent with me and this is what  I needed to be welcomed at the start.”

“They are all nice people, with their feet on the ground and this is the best thing. They are big stars but they don’t act like them, especially Roberto Carlos. He is one of the best people that I know.”

Asked about England’s prospects in the Euro 2004 championships in Portugal this summer, ‘Becks’ said: “With a bit of luck, I hope that we can go on to win it.”

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