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Barricades as another strike starts

9 February 2004

ALGECIRAS – Two thousand steelworkers set up barricades and launched an indefinite strike Monday.

They were blocking access to the factory in a move which might provoke a repeat of the violent clashes outside the Izar naval works in Seville and Cadiz last Friday.

The Acerinox factory in Algercias was still running on minimum production levels Monday, even though the company has suspended the contracts of subcontractors.

The striking workers have constructed barricades and set fire to piles of tyres, according to Jose Maria Egea, a company spokesman.

Egea said the strike was launched over an agreement between the workers and the company about a new collective bargaining deal.

The workers had asked for, among other things, a 35-hour week and better working conditions.

But relations had broken down between both sides.

On Friday, ten police officers were injured, one seriously, in a clash with workers at the Izar naval works when fighting broke out.

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