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Barcelona third terminal to open 2007

14 April 2004

BARCELONA – The third runway at Barcelona airport is to open in August allowing a large increase in flights, the president of the airports authority said Wednesdsay.

José Eladio Seco, president of AENA, said the runway would be opened to test flights and allow flight controllers to adapt their navigation systems.

They would also insure the runway met international aviation norms.

The third runway is parallel to two other much larger runways.

The airport is also building a new terminal to cope with extra demand.

Seco, who opened a new VIP suite called Salvador Dali at the airport Wednesday, said the third terminal “would be a reality by the end of 2007”.

“The airport will then have the ability to match supply with demand,” he added.

Commenting on the tightening of security at Spanish airports in the wake of the 11 March attack, Seco said: “This has not reduced the capacity to meet increased demand.”

He added: “At first people were frightened, but the air transport sector has carried on at the normal rate of expansion.”

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