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Barca star fined for nightclub fracas

12 May 2004

BARCELONA – FC Barcelona footballer Patrick Kluivert was fined EUR 27,000 Wednesday for allegedly attacking a woman in a disco.

The Dutch international was charged with two public order offences in connection with an incident in which Kluivert could not find a table free for himself and his friends.

The incident happened on 11 April at the exclusive disco Pacha in Barcelona.

Kluivert arrived with two friends and two women. The party wanted to enjoy the private area reserved for celebrities.

The public relations officer for Pacha who dealt with Kluivert and his friends brought the complaint against the star.

The woman, who was only named as ‘Silvia C’,  claimed in court that Kluivert insulted her and shook her vigorously after she told him that there were no tables free.

“I offered them the chance to wait until some tables became free or they could go upstairs where there were tables free, but they did not want to,” she said.

When the woman could not find a table, the Dutch star began to insult her, saying: “Bitch. What do you think you are? Give us the table!”

The footballer was not present at the court in Barcelona nor sent a lawyer to court to represent him, renouncing his right to a legal defence.

However, three other witnesses supported the version of events of the Pacha spokeswoman.

The prosecutor accused Kluivert of two public order offences and asked for him to pay fines of EUR 4,500 for each one.

He was also asked to pay compensation of EUR 500 to the woman who claimed she was insulted.

She claimed she had been put under pressure not to make these claims against Kluivert.

Kluivert was also ordered to pay two fines for the two public order offences plus a further EUR 18,000 for causing injuries to the woman.

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