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Another woman dies from domestic violence

Published on 27/04/2004

27 April 2004

MADRID – A man stabbed his girlfriend to death hours after a police patrol had been to the house, legal sources said Tuesday.

Dolores García Ruiz, 26, was stabbed up to 20 times with a kitchen knife late Monday night.

The case is certain to raise the issue of domestic violence once more, which the new Socialist government has promised to address.

One woman dies every week in Spain as a result of domestic violence.

The government is to introduce a law which will bring tougher penalties for those responsible for the attacks and better protection for victims.

Police in Madrid said they received an emergency call at 10pm Monday about an argument between Ruiz and her 44-year-old boyfriend Francisco Javier.

Police went to their house and asked Javier to leave.

The couple explained that their relationship was over and they were having an argument.

Javier agreed to leave the house, and in the presence of the police gave his keys to Ruiz.

Police said they did not hear any threats of violence from Javier.

They left after advising Ruiz to call police if there was any problem.

But at 3.27am Tuesday, police received another call saying there had been a violent attack at the same house.

When they reached the front door, Javier answered the door, with blood on his hands and said: “I have killed her.”

He was arrested.

Police found Ruiz covered in blood and with a kitchen knife next to her head.

A doctor pronounced her dead at the scene

Legal sources said that Ruiz had not made a formal complaint about her partner.

Medical sources told EFE  Ruiz had received between 10 and 20 stab wounds.

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