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Amnesty criticises Spain over arms to Israel

18 May 2004

BARCELONA –Amnesty International claimed Tuesday the Spanish government sold arms to Israel worth EUR 14 million.

The human rights group called on the Socialist government to end the sale of armaments to the Israeli government.

Esteban Beltran, head of Amnesty in Spain, said “until the earlier government would admit that it had sold arms” the new government “had the opportunity to end this sale of armaments”.

He claimed Israel used the arms to destroy houses and to commit “grave violations of human rights”.

“It would be a political message,” he added.

Amnesty presented a report on arms sales to Israel in Barcelona Tuesday.

The group saidthat  since 2000, 2,500 Palestinians had lost their lives at the hands of the Israeli government.

Nine hundred Israelis had also been killed in the conflict – among those hundreds of children.

Beltran said “the situation gets worse day by day”.

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