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Amnesty accuses Spain of human rights abuses

Published on 26/05/2004

26 May 2004

MADRID – Spain has been accused of a series of human rights abuses in a report published Wednesday by Amnesty International.

The human rights group’s annual report said unlawful executions, ‘disappearances’, torture and mistreatment were carried out in Spain last year.

The report said: “The armed Basque group Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA), Basque Homeland and Freedom, carried out shootings and bombings, some of them fatal.

“There were a number of apparently reckless shootings by Civil Guard or police officers.

“Many immigrants drowned attempting to reach Spain by sea from North Africa. Detainees made allegations of torture and ill-treatment.”

It said terrorist suspects suffered from a lack of safeguards against ill-treatment.
But it added: “A new law more than doubled the maximum period that suspects could be held incommunicado. The government continued to categorically deny the existence of torture.

“Unaccompanied foreign children aged 16 or over faced expulsion in circumstances that could contravene international law.

“There were continuing allegations of ill-treatment or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment in reception centres for children. Almost 100 women were killed in incidents of gender-based violence.”

The report said abuses were carried out in 157 countries throughout the world.

It made particular mention of human rights abuses carried out by the United States in Iraq.

The Spanish media have widely reported the claims made against the United States.

But they have failed to mention the claims against Spain.

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