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American, Japanese tourists worried by 11 March

18 March 2004

MADRID – Spain’s tourism industry has not suffered  in the aftermath of the Madrid terrorist attacks, the head of the national tourist board said Thursday.

Germán Porras, secretary general of Spain’s Tourism Board, said: “Until today, the markets have reacted absolutely normally.”

Porras  said that there had been not been any large-scale cancellations or changes to other holiday plans at hotels or tourist resorts.

However, he did admit that there were some indications that tourists from the United States and Japan had been “worried” by the attacks in Madrid on 11 March.

Porras said: “This is perceptible but we do not believe it is important.”

Immediately after the attacks were signs that the share prices of some hotel chains and airlines had dipped.

But they have recovered quickly.

Commentators said this was a repeat of what happened after the 11 September attacks in the UK, when airlines and tourist companies suffered huge losses after fears of more attacks mounted.

Spain became the favourite holiday destination with British tourists for the first time last year.

Traditionally, France had been the first choice for holidaymakers from the UK.

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