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Almodovar supports film directors’ protest

5 March 2004

MADRID – Pedro Almodóvar headed a list of prestigious Spanish film directors who unveiled Friday a short film directed against the government.

Thirty-two directors showed the film entitled ‘Hay Motivo’ — ‘There are causes’ — in which each spoke for three minutes about the problems they saw in Spain today.

It is part of a campaign aimed at the ruling conservative Popular Party during the election campaign.

Almodóvar said: “I am proud of my colleagues. I am proud to be a Spanish director.

“This film is a gesture, a kick in the genitals to the party of power. It is needed and absolutely legitimate.”

He added: “The Spanish need to analyse what has happened the in the last few years. We need to debate – a verb which is horrific for the Popular Party.”

The directors envolved included David Trueba, Gracia Querejeta, Isabel Coixet, Icíar Bollaín, Víctor Manuel, Víctor García León, Imanol Uribe, Fernando Colomo, José Luis García Sánchez, Manuel Gómez Pereira, Julio Medem, Manuel Rivas, Vicente Aranda, Mariano Barroso and Antonio Betancor. 

Each one chose a particular theme which they thought was important for Spanish society.

They included the Prestige disaster, the Iraq war, pensions, the state of the Spanish television industry and child care.

The campaign can be contacted at www.haymotivo. com.

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