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Last update on February 10, 2020
Written by Herzliche Grüsse

Are you ready for Swiss citizenship? Or do you know what the C permit is?

Dear Switzerland,

I would like to apply for my C permit a year ahead of time because in four short years, I have become more Swiss than some Swiss. I realise this is not ‘the rule’ and may involve special votes and über-democratic procedures, so here is my reasoning for your fellow citizens to consider:

  • If a tram is one-minute late, I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack.
  • I have personally dug out a Schweizer Familie Feuerstelle, buried under five-feet of snow, and proceeded to cook fondue over a wood fire to the amazement of passing Swiss snowshoers (see photo).
  • I can now eat an entire cervelet in one sitting.
  • When I’m invited somewhere, I now wait outside said person’s door until the nearest clock tower dings our agreed meeting time. And then I ring the bell one second later.
  • Last year, my gutters were so clean I could drink from them. I still went out and bought a CHF 6 bottle of water anyway.
  • I often start capitalizing all English Nouns.
  • Paying CHF 60 (USD 60) for dinner is a good deal.
  • I also consider a savings of 10 percent reason enough to run an advertisement in a newspaper.
  • I have gone to two Tunnelfests.
  • Finally, I make sure to crowd the door when a train arrives. Make sure the people trying to get off the train can’t.

Anyhow, thanks for your consideration and I look forward to being one step closer to citizenship.