Society & History

How much do you know about Belgium? Find out more about the society and history of Belgium with our expert guides detailing everything you need to know, from traditional Belgian celebrations and holidays to the movies that every expat moving to Belgium must watch.

Belgium sports

The most popular sports in Belgium

Sport is big in Belgium and there are many ways of keeping fit. Cycling and football are the biggest participant sports, and tennis, swimming and golf are popular too. Ski resorts open during winter months.

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Belgium family

The Belgian family unit

In Belgium, the most efficient matriarchy is cleverly disguised as a patriarchy. Here’s a guide to who’s boss in the Belgian family structure.

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History of Belgium

The history of Belgium

The history of Belgium involves lengthy periods under the rule of other European empires, as well as its own era of imperial conquest.

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Belgium government

Government and politics in Belgium

Learn more about the government in Belgium and its political and judicial system including the main political parties and how to vote.

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Belgium etiquette

Etiquette and social culture in Belgium

Avoid embarrassing faux pas with these etiquette dos and don’ts that will help you impress your new friends and neighbors in Belgium.

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Christmas in Belgium

Celebrating Christmas in Belgium

Like the three official languages in Belgium, holiday traditions vary by region. Here is our overview of the festive season – Belgian style.

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Making friends Belgium

Making friends in Belgium

Friends make a bad place bearable, and a good place fantastic. Here are ten points to help newcomers and expats make friends in Belgium.

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Belgian inventions

The greatest Belgian inventions

Belgium’s small size belies the country’s huge influence on world history. See how many of these top 20 Belgian inventions you know.

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Belgian people

An introduction to Belgian people

From culture and religion to fashion and popular pastimes, learn more about Belgian people and the different communities that call it home.

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Belgian movies

The best Belgian movies

Belgium always punches well above its weight in art and film is no different. Here are some classic pieces of Belgian cinema.

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