House & Home

Looking to make your new house a home in Belgium? Our collection of expert guides to setting up house and home in Belgium can help you do just that, whether you're trying to get the best expat-friendly SIM card for your phone or trying to connect to the best energy supplier for your home.

French gift ideas

10 fabulous French gift ideas you can buy online

Give the gift of French culture to that special someone by checking out our 10 favorite French gift ideas – all of which you can buy online.

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Utilities Belgium

Utilities in Belgium: connecting water, gas, and electricity

Turn your new house into a home with our guide to setting up utilities in Belgium, including water, gas, and electricity.

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Home insurance Belgium

Home insurance in Belgium: property, contents, and liability

Protect your home in Belgium with a good insurance policy that covers everything from the walls to your personal belongings.

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Belgium SIM card

How to get a mobile phone number and SIM card in Belgium

Just moved to Belgium? Get connected with your new friends and colleagues with this guide to getting a mobile phone and SIM card in Belgium.

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Internet Belgium

Setting up TV, home phone, and internet in Belgium

Moving into your new home in Belgium? Get yourself connected with our guide to setting up TV, home phone, and internet in Belgium.

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Live sustainably Belgium

10 ways to live sustainably in Belgium

Make your new Belgian life more environmentally-friendly by following these simple steps to live more sustainably in Belgium.

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Belgium supermarket

Supermarkets and grocery stores in Belgium

Think Belgian food is all about beer and waffles? Discover more with our guide to supermarkets and grocery stores in Belgium.

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Household shopping in Belgium

Household shopping in Belgium

Looking for something in Belgium? From paint to pet food, find out where to go with our guide to household shopping in Belgium.

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Belgium apps

Top 10 must-have apps in Belgium

Just moved to Belgium? Make your new life as an expat easier by downloading these top 10 must-have apps in Belgium onto your phone.

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Recycling in Belgium

Household waste and recycling in Belgium

Belgium has invested plenty of effort into proper waste collection, with four different bins for recycling and waste disposal in Belgium.

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Belgium TV

TV and radio in Belgium

Looking for the latest shows from Belgium and beyond? From first-class football to comedy classics, our guide to TV and radio in Belgium has everything you need to know.

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Save money Belgium

How to save money in Belgium

Discover how you can save money when moving to Belgium, including tips on cutting your shopping bill and getting the best deal on savings accounts.

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