The wines of Portugal

The wines of Portugal

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Last update on December 12, 2018

Here are some popular local wines – after all, most of the world’s corkage comes from Portugal.

There are more than a hundred different varieties of wine, including the famous port wine. Port has an alcohol content between 19 and 22 percent and is made under strict production rules. The Port Wine Institute classifies the ports according to grape crops, sugar content, alcohol content, age and type of wood of the barrels.

Types of wine in Portugal

In Madeira, you can taste the sweet malvasia, semi-dry verdelho and dry sercial. All its varieties of wine have a fruity taste and are usually served with the dessert or appetiser.

The vinho verde is a light wine with a low alcoholic content of about 10 percent. This wine is commonly served with seafood or pâté.

In the Setúbal region, the muscatel grape is grown. These grapes yield a smooth, honey-scented wine best served as a dessert wine.

The Algarve produces wines that are very light and fruity with alcoholic contents higher than 13 percent. At the end of a meal, they often serve bagaço; a hot, distilled liquor, or others such as amarguinha made of sour almonds.

Portugal is also known for its bottle corks and their fine quality. Two thirds of corks in the world come from Portugal.