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Last update on February 18, 2020
Written by Daniëlle de Groot

Looking for Kabouters, sprookjes, fun parks, zoos, nature parks, beaches, restaurants to visit with your children? You’ve come to the right place.

Daniëlle, a Dutch national who has two small children, gives comments on places she has visited personally in the Netherlands and recommends other places she has heard good reports about.

Theme parks and children’s parks in the Netherlands

Sprookjeswonderland in Enkhuizen (Noord-Holland): www.sprookjeswonderland.nl
This is great fun for small children. I went with my son Jasper at 1.5 years (he was a bit too young) but my 3-year old Lisa couldn’t get enough, especially of all the “mushroom” houses with dwarves. She loved the boats. This was definitely worth the drive. Tip: go early.

Kabouterland,  Exloo (Drenthe): www.kabouterland.net
Aged 2 Lisa wasn’t so interested in the “cave”, which she thought it was a bit ‘scary’, but she loved the outdoor part.

Boerderij ‘t Geertje in Zoeterwoude (Zuid-Holland): www.hetgeertje.nl
Feeding time was a big hit.  For instance, you can by bottles of milk at 70 euro cents and feed to the lambs. At 3.5 years old, Lisa gave it a good try, but riding horseback was a step too far for her.

Speelboerderij de Hooiberg in Bladel (Noord-Brabant): www.speelboerderij.nl
(Type in “speelboerderij” in Google, and you will find many more.)

Attractiepark Slagharen in Slagharen (Overijssel): www.slagharen.com

Madurodam in Den Haag (Zuid-Holland): www.madurodam.nl

Familiepark Drievliet in Den Haag (Zuid-Holland): www.drievliet.nl

Speeltuin Groenendaal,  Heemstede (Noord-Holland): www.speeltuingroenendaal.nl
This is the best EUR 2.20 per person you’ll ever spend, as it includes either a drink or ice-cream. Don’t forget to get your hand stamped upon entering, as this will allow you to leave and re-enter (the toilets are outside the playground.)

Koningin Juliana Toren in Apeldoorn: www.julianatoren.nl

Linnaeushof in Heemstede (Noord-Holland): www.linnaeushof.nl
Enormous playground for all ages with a water-park as well. Not cheap, but worth your money.

BillyBird Park Hemelrijk in Volkel (Noord-Brabant)
: www.billybird.nl

Deltapark Neeltje Jans in Vrouwenpolder (Zeeland): www.neeltjejans.nl

Familiepark DippieDoe in Best (Noord-Brabant): www.dippiedoe.nl

Het Land van Jan Klaassen in Braamt: www.janklaassen.nl

Speelpark Oud Valkeveen in Naarden (Noord-Holland): www.oudvalkeveen.nl
Don’t forget your swimming costume and towel on a sunny days, as there is a beach attached. It is not cheap, but you can spend the entire day here. You can eat pancakes at the restaurant next door, but don’t forget to get a stamp so that can re-enter afterwards. Alternatively, get the usual fried stuff or do the Dutch thing; bring your own food.

Themapark Sprookjesbos in Valkenburg a/d Geul (Limburg): www.sprookjesbos.nl

Attractiepark Duinrell and Tropisch Tikibad in Wassenaar (Zuid-Holland): www.duinrell.nl

De Efteling in Kaatsheuvel (Noord-Brabant): www.efteling.com

Familiepark Plaswijckpark in Rotterdam (Zuid-Holland): www.plaswijckpark.nl

Zoos in the Netherlands

Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam (Zuid-Holland): www.rotterdamzoo.nl
Although we live all in Haarlem, we bought a season ticket for our first visit. This zoo is immense and beautifully set up. You can even get married here! The aquarium is spectacular.

DierenPark Amersfoort in Amersfoort (Utrecht): www.dierenparkamersfoort.nl
This may not be one of the bigger names, but it can definitely compete with them.

Artis in Amsterdam (Noord-Holland): www.artis.nl
Being a city zoo, Artis is much smaller than Diergaarde Blijdorp, but they are working on modernizing it.

Safari-park Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek (Noord-Brabant): www.safaripark.nl

Apenheul in Apeldoor: www.apenheul.nl
Wonderfully designed park which allows children to walk amongst the apes, monkeys and lemurs. This place is a must visit for animal lovers!

Spotting beavers in the wild: Biesbosch national park
Take a ‘fluister‘ boat and go on one of the organized beaver spotting boat trips in Dutch national park De Biesbosch. The kids will love it, not only because you’ll be going on a boat down remote waterways surrounded by beautiful nature and wildlife, but because it’s at night (most trips are from 7pm to around 10pm) as beaver’s are nocturnal animals!

Zeehondencrèche in Pieterburen (Groningen): www.zeehondencreche.nl

BestZOO in Best (Noord-Brabant): www.bestzoo.nl

Papegaaienpark N.O.P. in Oerle (Noord-Brabant): www.papegaai.org

Ice-cream parlours in the Netherlands

For our full list of the best ice-cream parlours in the Netherlands click here.

Beach pavilions

Vooges in Zandvoort (Noord-Holland): www.vooges.nl
This beach pavilion is very child-friendly, but busy. On sunny days, make sure to be there before 11am.

Parnassia aan Zee in Bloemendaal aan Zee (Noord-Holland)
This beach pavilion is quieter than Vooges. They are not located on the beach, but above it. This means you go up to eat and drink and then go back down to your towel.

Swimming in the Netherlands

Bosbad Amersfoort in Amersfoort (Utrecht): www.bosbadamersfoort.nl

Henschotermeer in Woudenberg (Utrecht)

Dutch museums (including open air)

Naturalis in Leiden (Zuid-Holland): www.naturalis.nl

Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam (Noord-Holland): www.tropenmuseum.nl

Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen (Noord-Holland): www.zuiderzeemuseum.nl

Archeon in Alphen aan den Rijn (Zuid-Holland): www.archeon.nl

Rainy days with children

Omniversum in Den Haag (Zuid-Holland): www.omniversum.nl

Sport and active

Mini-golf in Lage Vuursche (Noord-Holland): www.lagevuursche.com  www.midgetgolftuinen.nl
Lage Vuursche is situated the middle of a forest. Due to all the (pancake) restaurants and the mini golf expect a lot of is tourists.

HaarlemNightSkate in Haarlem (Noord-Holland): www.haarlemnightskate.nl
Always about 20km, starts at 20:00. Start and finish always at Kunstijsbaan Kennemerland. Cancelled when rainy or wet roads.

Friday Night Skate in Amsterdam (Noord-Holland): www.fridaynightskate.com

Check out: www.zeelandattracties.nl

Dinner with kids

Praq in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel (Noord-Holland) and Amersfoort (Utrecht): www.praq.nl

Restaurant ‘t Pannenhuys in Luyksgestel (Noord-Brabant)

De Afrika Savanne in Luyksgestel (Noord-Brabant): www.afrikasavanne.nl

De Lachende Zeerover in Zandvoort (Noord-Holland): www.de-lachende-zeerover.nl

For pancake restaurants throughout the Netherlands, check out:

For more ideas, check out:
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