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Working from home abroad: 10 jobs for remote workers

The idea of working from home can be both exciting and frightening, depending on your assessment of the pros and cons. Here are 10 top jobs to work from home.

Working from home

By Expatica

Updated 19-1-2024

There are many reasons why an expat would decide to start working from home while living abroad. Maybe they’re a non-working spouse who wants to help the family by bringing a complementary salary to the table. Perhaps they are a parent who is now ready to get back in the market. Another possibility is that the person already has a job, and their company gets them to work from home. Or maybe they’re a keen entrepreneur with their eye on the world.


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A mother working from home

In any case, most people know someone who knows someone who decided to quit their job and work from home. The end of their stories may not always be happy. In today’s world, however, there’s a good chance that this could be the best decision you’ll ever make.

The benefits of working from home

As with almost anything in life, there are several benefits of working from home but also some challenges. Forbes published the results of a survey where people were asked what the main benefits of working from home were.

According to the survey, the top five benefits mentioned were:

  1. Work/home balance
  2. Save fuel
  3. Avoid traffic
  4. More productivity
  5. Less distractions

It is easy to understand why working from home has become so popular. The freedom of choosing your working hours, combined with the possibility of being able to be there for your family (or for yourself), plus the opportunity of saving some money are all good reasons for such a decision.

Man working from home office

It is difficult for some people in management to trust an employee who is working from home, because the physical presence of the employee in the office brings an idea of control. Their logic is, if I can’t see my employee, I can’t trust them. Luckily this old-fashioned concept is shifting to a more modern idea of clearer goal-setting and more efficient ways to check for achievement that don’t require the employee to be physically in the office at all times.

Challenges of working from home

Nevertheless, many people have concerns about working from home and find it challenging to make the transition. Contrarily, these people argue that there are quite a lot of downsides and prefer the security of a cubicle at the company’s office.

Man working from tropical jungle

Some of the concerns mentioned are:

  • time management and productivity
  • personal finances, health insurance, or school tuition
  • working too much and not being able to take any vacation or time off
  • feeling isolated, and not being able to share or collaborate with a colleague

The best job opportunities for working from home

Still for many, quite a few of the job opportunities for working from home resolve most of the concerns listed above, as well as give the person the freedom they’ve likely always wanted. Startups are especially keen to hire remote workers, and they often provide an exciting opportunity to join a company on the proverbial ground floor. The job list below is an attempt to demonstrate this principle.

Here is a compilation of 10 of the most interesting job opportunities for working from home, some of which you may not know about.

1) Virtual assistant (VA)

This is a relatively new job that grew exponentially together with the increase of online businesses. VAs are responsible for several different activities and thus may have various levels of responsibilities. From a simple receptionist to a business manager or an administrative assistant to a marketing director, VAs are becoming more and more popular.

2) Freelance writer

The Internet has opened up many opportunities in the field of copywriting. Many bloggers outsource their writing to online writers (ghostwriting) and pay a considerable amount of money for it. As an author, you can also work from home on your book and use the many online services to help you publish it.

3) Freelance translator

Just as with writers, the need for translators has increase exponentially in the past five years. Translators are needed not only for legal matters, but also for articles in magazines and newspapers, finances and banking and even games.

4) Online tutor

Surprisingly, many teachers are leaving the classroom to become online tutors. The possibility of helping students online is attractive because it allows the teacher to work their own hours and scale thus getting a higher compensation.

5) Online nurse practitioner

This is one of the fastest increasing careers in healthcare. When working online, a registered nurse might work with telephone triage for insurance companies, or answer questions via telephone for health call centers.

6) Software project manager

These are specialized professionals who are responsible for the management of projects in the software industry. Some of the responsibilities of the project manager are managing communication, budget, schedule, and suppliers.

7) Customer service manager

This professional is responsible for the happiness of the customer, and the tasks vary according to the needs of the company. Typically, a customer service manager is responsible for providing support and advice to customers, dealing with customer complaints, liaising with the sales technical department on behalf of the customer, managing refunds when necessary, and so on.

8) Video marketer

Video marketing services have many different aspects that can be explored by people who decide to work from home. Videos are one of the best ways to market a service or a product, because they bring a more personal approach to the business.

9) Web designer

Web designers are responsible for maintaining a website through graphic design, programming, search engine optimization, and copywriting.

10) App designer

A recent development in the online business world is in the field of designing applications for smartphones. Professionals in this area may also be responsible for the creation, development, fine-tuning, and even marketing of the smartphone apps.