Last update on January 13, 2020
Written by Explorer Publishing

Whether your interest is ballet, salsa or tango, read Explorer Publishing’s guide on where you can learn to dance or dance to your heart’s content in Paris.

Centre Momboye

25 rue Boyer
01 43 58 85 01
Mali, Senegal, Guinea and Cameroon brought dance over to France, and Parisians were quickly hooked on the evocative rhythms of the different countries. Centre Momboye takes what came from the old country and teaches the art of gestures via drumming. Learn the Bolowi, the acrobatic dance from the Ivory Coast, and others from the same region, such as the Boloye and Kotou which are both dances of rejoicing. The Dundumba, the Guinea strong man’s dance and the Senegal Sabar air dance are among other dances learned here. The teachers are exceptionally nice and they’ll humorously work with those who are weak in all but the English tongue.

Le Mandunga

32, avenue Corentin-Cariou,
Porte de la Villette
01 40 36 68 67
Música tropical, otherwise known as Salsa, can be found at Mandunga, where you can dance on a two-level floor inside or, in warmer months, outside on the veranda. Whether you enjoy mixed-style or Cuban salsa you’ll learn sexy moves and meet incredibly nice people who share your love for this steamy dance.

Located in La Villette, many of these classes are taught by El Salserito, the professed professor of Salsa, who teaches you how to work with techniques without forgetting the electrifying and sultry mood. Even children hit the scene on Sunday afternoons. Word of warning: hold on to your date or you might lose them in this huge establishment.

La Coupole

102 blvd du Montparnasse
01 43 20 14 20
Do not expect dancing classes at La Coupole. Instead be prepared to show your moves at this famous brasserie. In the lower level of brasserie La Coupole (made famous by Hemingway, Sartre and Man Ray), dance under the twinkling lights and be in good company working your way around the tiny dance floor. Try not to get elbowed in the eyeball by couples who have been coming here for years on Tuesday nights to salsa, and by newbie foreigners who flock to try out the paso and tango on other nights.

Be prepared for anything as the music can vary from an orchestras donning white suit to mix hip hop played by  French DJs. Just except to have a good time and you might find the (dance) partner of your life.