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Last update on November 11, 2019
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The facts on communications in France.


Main lines in use: 36.154 million
Country comparison to the world: 8

Mobile telephones: 64 million with 62.6 million in Metropolitan France
Country comparison to the world: 20

Broadcast media

A mix of both publicly-operated and privately-owned TV stations. State-owned France Televisions operates four networks, one of which is a network of regional stations, and has part-interest in several thematic cable/satellite channels and international channels. A large number of privately-owned regional and local TV stations. Multi-channel satellite and cable services provide a large number of channels. Public broadcaster Radio France operates seven national networks, a series of regional networks and operates services for overseas territories and foreign audiences. Radio France Internationale (RFI), under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a leading international broadcaster. A large number of commercial FM stations, with many of them consolidating into commercial networks.


Users: 45.262 million with 44.625 in Metropolitan France.
Country comparison to the world: 8