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Last update on January 07, 2020
Written by Kerrin Rousset

Avid food blogger Kerrin made good use of a rare free weekend, and headed for the market. Follow her lead and enjoy the colourful range of spring produce at a market near you now!

I’m normally at the Bürkliplatz market every Tuesday and Friday morning, and busy playing in the kitchen trying a new dessert recipe or photographing my latest chocolate tastings. But not when I have a rather critical deadline for a huge project that demands my every minute.

I have had the pleasure of working on a very sweet project for the past two and a half months so I’ve been mostly at my desk. As soon as I completed the job, though, it was time to step away from my computer and enjoy the beginning of spring in Zürich.

Spring markets in Switzerland

First thing I did with a free weekend? I sat outside in the sun and read a few of my new food and travel magazines. Don’t miss Food & Wine’s May travel issue (American): their ‘go list’ is exploding with 100 new food and travel experiences (with a few from yours truly). After reading Cuisine de Saison (Swiss) with rhubarb on the cover, I ran back into my kitchen and baked another deliciously vibrant rhubarb crumble. And last but not least, I went to the market!

This time I hopped on the tram to meet my friends, Jack and Silvia of Laughing Lemon, over in Oerlikon. Jack introduced me to this large, colourful market when I first moved to Zürich, as well as to many a vegetable or ingredient I wasn’t familiar with; he’s pretty much a walking culinary encyclopedia. Such fun to spend time with the two of them, and extremely educational as well.

If you are thinking their names sound familiar, yes that’s the same Jack and Silvia who taught the pumpkin class last October and who also taught a chocolate and wine class which I’ll be reporting on MyKugelhopf.ch soon. For now, simply enjoy the market’s bounty in all its spring aromas and bright colours.

Seasonal market produce

When in doubt about what’s in season, check out Jack and Silvia’s monthly page: it’s chock-full of helpful, regularly updated information.

What to look for now? Strawberries from Calabria, Italy (without all the preservatives they may use in Spain, so I learned this morning) or locally from Switzerland. Huge green and purple artichokes. More varieties of asparagus than you can imagine – thick, thin, super thin, white, green, purplish white. And my favourite, rhubarb. When you see the German word ‘eigener’, you know the market vendor is growing his own.

Whatever your preference, Swiss, Italian, Dutch or Spanish, enjoy what the market has near you!

photos: Kerrin Rousset MyKugelhopf: ‘when your passions are food and travel’.

Photo credit: Joe Mabel (market – top picture).