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Last update on June 10, 2020

Although many local bookshops throughout Switzerland offer small English sections, you can save time and widen the selection by ordering online. Expatica recommends some great Swiss bookstores to help keep your literary needs satisfied.


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English bookshops in Switzerland

  • Off the Shelf Bookstore is an English bookstore in Geneva. You can also order online www.offtheshelf.ch
  • Orell Füssli (The Bookshop) is the self-proclaimed (and indeed impressive) “Number One Address for English Books in Switzerland”, with a huge selection of English and US titles, along with a dedicated children’s department. See www.books.ch
  •  The English Book Service is an online provider of books in English located in Germany (close to the Swiss border). It has a wide variety of books that can be shipped anywhere in Switzerland for a low price. Check out www.english-book-service.com
  • Usborne Books offers a wide variety of English language books for children (which seem to be even tougher to come by in Switzerland than English books for adults). Order at www.usborneonline.org
  • Bergli Books is a bookshop in the heart of Basel (you can also order online). They publish books in English on cross-cultural issues such as intercultural marriage, living and working in a new culture, and making the most of cultural diversity in your background or working environment. Visit www.bergli.ch
  • www.play.com is also a great resource for English language DVDs. It is located in the UK but offers free shipping to Switzerland.
  • A Brew and a Browse is a unique shop in Adliswil that offers new and secondhand books in English, Dutch and German. You can also find Swiss souvenirs, English greetings cards and Dutch food (One of the owner’s Dutch, that’s why). If you are thirsty from all that browsing, the owners have coffee or tea ready for you. See http://www.brew-and-browse.ch for opening hours and location.