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Last update on November 01, 2019

Ready to try something new in Belgium? Salsa may be the answer.

Casually throw a stiletto and you will hit a salsa club–and I don’t mean the stiletto as dagger, I’m thinking more shoe,  the heel, like.

So, if you’ve always wanted to know what three weight changes in each four-beat measure feels like or need the call ‘on beat “downbreak on 1″’ explained or just feel like getting up and making a complete fool of yourself, then here are just some of the salsa venues in Brussels and surrounds (in their own words).


Passion for movement, passion for music, for rhythm and style.

We’ll be glad to share that with you. LeuvenSalsa! proposes dance classes and events. Group classes, private classes, company and private events, parties, shows, workshops.

Salsa, tango, bachata and much more!

O’Dance Club

We welcome you to a variety of dance classes at beautiful venues in Brussels: the O’Dance Club and the O’Dance Fiesta, where you can also enjoy a fantastic dance party every Wednesday!

The classes are organized by O’Dance Events, always on the front line bringing novelties like L.A. style salsa to Belgium, and attracting an international crowd of all age groups to classes, parties and dance & fitness holidays.

Noche de salsa – La Tentation

La Tentation is open for Salsa every Sunday from 18h00. Classes start at 18h30 and end at 20h15. There’s an entrance fee and salsa classes are free. The best professional instructors from Belgium are at your service every week. Each month, a different salsa instructor takes over you as you make progress.

Super Salsa Party festival

Organized for the first time on October 24th, 2008 at Ritmo Latino in Genk, SuperSalsaParty now belongs among the biggest salsa parties in Belgium. Annual event, packed with workshops, parties and new shows…

And here’s an up-to-date agenda dedicated to Salsa:

Salsa agenda


If you know of any other Salsa venues or classes, please leave a comment below…