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14/09/2012Insurance in Switzerland 101

Insurance in Switzerland 101 An introduction to compulsory and optional forms of insurance in Switzerland, from health insurance to home insurance in Switzerland.

The Swiss are among the world’s highest spenders on insurance: the average Swiss family spends one-fifth of their household budget on insurance.


Health insurance:
Health insurance is governed by the Federal Law on Health Insurance. Every Swiss resident is required to have basic health insurance (Soziale Krankenversicherung / Assurance maladie / Assicurazione-Mallatie) within three months of arriving in the country. There are approximately 90 health insurance companies that are authorized to provide compulsory medical insurance. Premiums vary, so it’s worth comparing insurers. Some employers offer discounted premiums through a group policy with a health insurer. Most individuals, however, must seek out their own insurance. Basic insurance provides the essential cover. In addition, each insurer offers supplementary cover that can be taken out on an individual basis and can be private, semi-private, and so on. Again, the benefits and premiums of health insurers can vary.

Accident insurance:
In Switzerland, accident insurance is included in the services offered by health insurers. Employees are automatically insured by their employer. This enables you to reduce your private premiums accordingly.

Vehicle insurance: The Federal Law on Road Transport requires anyone driving a car or riding a bicycle on the roads to take out third-party liability insurance. Motor vehicle liability insurance covers all damage caused by you, as the driver of a vehicle, to other road traffic users. Personal injury is covered, as is damage to property. You must present an insurance certificate to the road traffic authorities in order to receive Swiss licence plates.


Personal liability insurance: This covers any claims against you as a private individual, regardless of whether injury or damage is concerned. It also protects you against unjustified claims.

Household insurance: Household contents are defined as all items in your possession in your house or apartment, on your balcony and in your garden. This form of insurance covers fire and water damage, as well as loss through theft.

Bupa International health insurance: Find out more


Find out more on Globality Yougenio health insurance.

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