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US tax filing for expats

18 April 2011 is the 2010 fiscal year tax-filing deadline for all US citizens and this includes those living overseas. All US citizens are required to file tax returns regardless of where they live.

There may not be a tax liability in the US – this will depend on the local taxes paid and the Double Taxation Agreement between the US and your country of residence.

There is an extension of the filing date for those living overseas – to 15 June 2011 – but the tax is still due by 18 April. Also, the deadline for filing state taxes may differ so check with the relevant state. If you require an extension to the deadline, you may apply for this by filing Form 4868 before 15 June.

US expats should note that the IRS no longer sends tax return forms through by mail to non-residents, so the forms should be downloaded here.

US Tax Filing For Expats

I am often asked whether a US tax return needs to be filed with the IRS.

Not being a US tax expert I am often in the dark about this, so here’s the answer from the horse’s mouth – the IRS’s comments on whether you need to file a return.

Have a look at https://www.irs.gov/publications/p513/ar02.html#en_US_publink10008619.

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You can find tax information especially for expats on the Expat FAQs page of the Cambridge Tax Practice website.

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