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S.African Twitter users save woman from suicide: reports

Published on 01/08/2011

A South African woman who posted suicidal messages on Twitter was saved by people on the web who saw her tweets, tried to track her down and convince her not to harm herself, media said Monday.

A woman only identified as Gina and a mother of two from Durban began making suicide threats on Friday, the Star newspaper reported.

The most alarming tweets had all been deleted by Monday, but South African website Memeburn, which follows Internet news, said she posted a series of messages including: “Please dont save me, I just didnt want to die alone.”

“Asking God almighty to forgive my final sin, love my angels, forgive my humanity, take my pain away,” read another.

Alarmed Twitter followers responded, mobilising to help find the woman in an attempt to prevent her from carrying out the suicide while tweeting messages of love and support.

Twitter users re-tweeted the woman’s cellphone number and home address details in an effort to trace her.

Two friends in Durban even drove around in the hope of locating her through smartphone geopositioning, Memeburn said.

Police and Netcare 911 were also called as events unfolded.

After several hours, the woman was found and her father reported that she was safe.

“Gina is safe at home, and while she is very upset, we are going to try and get her the help she needs. She has been through some difficult things lately, having lost her job and custody of her two children through divorce, as well as battling depression for a long time,” he told The Star.

The woman announced that she was closing her account on Saturday.