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S.Africa seizes 10 rhino horns from Vietnamese home

Published on 16/05/2012

Ten rhino horns were seized overnight from the home of a Vietnamese man outside Johannesburg, where they were hidden in the wardrobe and in cupboards, police said Wednesday.

“We found 10 rhino horns and an elephant tusk” after raiding the home based on a tip off, spokesman Vishnu Naidoo said.

He declined to identify the man beyond his nationality.

“He was apparently involved in criminal activities because we found other passports, travel documents and five million rand ($600,000, 469,000 euros) in cash, including US dollars,” Naidoo told AFP.

“The horns were lying loose, obviously hidden in the wardrobe and cupboards,” he added.

Rhino horns are prized in Asian traditional medicine, with Vietnam emerging as a major market based on belief that they can cure cancer. The horns have no scientific value in medicine.

But the soaring demand has driven poaching to record levels in South Africa, home to most of the world’s remaining rhinos. More than 200 rhinos have been killed so far this year.