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S. Africa’s Zuma to release Marikana mine massacre report

Published on 25/06/2015

President Jacob Zuma was on Thursday due to release the official report into the police killing of 34 South African striking workers at the Marikana mine in 2012, his office said.

The August 16 shooting was the worst violence South Africa has witnessed since the advent of democracy in 1994.

In the days leading up to the attack, 10 others were murdered in violence around the platinum mine — including non-striking miners, security guards and two police officers who were hacked to death.

Rights groups and lawyers representing the killed and injured miners have been clamouring for Zuma to release the report, which the commission handed to him on March 31.

The president’s office said the report would finally be published after he addresses the nation on public television on Thursday.

Speaking at a university earlier this week, Zuma appeared to defend the police’s actions, suggesting they were aimed at protecting people.

“Those people in Marikana had killed people, and the police were stopping them from killing people,” Zuma said Tuesday.

But he back-pedalled a day later saying all Marikana deaths must be condemned.

“All the deaths should be equally condemned by all without being selective as all lives are important and all families equally lost their loved ones in the tragic and painful incidents that occurred at Marikana,” he said Wednesday.

The police faced heavy criticism during the inquiry, accused not only of using excessive force against the miners, but also of a widespread cover-up.

Lawyers for the dead miners’ families labelled the incident an act of revenge by the police for their murdered colleagues.

The families have demanded the officers, senior government officials and mining house Lonmin be held responsible for the massacre.