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S. African free ‘polygamous’ flight offer as Zuma weds again

Published on 20/04/2012

A quirky South African budget airline said Friday it will offer a free flight to families with multiple wives as polygamous President Jacob Zuma ties the knot for the sixth time.

The quick-thinking kulula.com said it would give a flight on the house to the fourth wife in big families — the country’s new number of official first ladies.

“Inspired by regular VIP travellers with sizeable spousal entourages, the offer is open to all fourth wives when the family travels together on the Joburg to Cape Town route,” the airline, known for its offbeat advertising, said in a statement.

“Whether it’s for the honeymoon or not, the happy quintet can fly three (wives) and get one for free until the end of April 2012.”

The airline’s previous targets include football governing body FIFA, which barred the airline from using the phrase “World Cup” in its adverts during South Africa’s 2010 hosting of the tournament.

In response, free tickets were offered to anyone named Sepp Blatter, the same as FIFA’s president, finally giving a flight to “Sepp Blatter the dog”, who became an Internet star.

Last year it offered to pay “lobola”, a groom’s traditional wedding gift for his bride’s family, for Britain’s Prince William to marry Kate Middleton.