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Pistorius trial – key points from day three

Published on 05/03/2014

Day three of Oscar Pistorius's murder trial featured a witness who said the athlete once fired a gun in a restaurant and then tried to shift the blame.

Here are the highlights of Wednesday’s proceedings:

– Kevin Lerena, a 21-year-old professional boxer and one of the Pistorius’s friends, testified that the athlete discharged a gun in a popular Johannesburg restaurant, and then sought to deflect the blame.

“I looked down, and just where my foot was stationary, there was a hole in the floor,” said Lerena.

“I had a little graze on my toe. I wasn’t hurt or injured,” he said, but added that “there was blood.”

– Pistorius then asked another friend, Darren Fresco, to take the blame, Lerena told the court.

“Before anybody came to the table, I do remember Oscar saying ‘please,’ to Darren, just say it was you,” said Lerena.

– Jason Loupis, the owner of the restaurant where incident took place told the court he heard a loud bang.

“Mr Fresco said to me ‘sorry Jason, my gun fell down in my tracksuit pants,’ and then I said, ‘are you guys being serious? Because this is not a joke,” said Loupis.

– The defence also continued its tough cross examination of Charl Johnson, the husband of the first witness Michelle Burger, arguing that the couple’s testimony had “remarkable similarities,” suggesting collaboration.

“You could just as well have stood together in the witness box,” advocate Barry Roux said.

– Johnson also told proceedings that his “privacy has been compromised severely” by the reading in court of his cell phone number, and that he had received threatening messages.