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Pistorius trial – key points from day 24

Published on 16/04/2014

A forensic expert hired by Oscar Pistorius came under fire on day 24 of the state's cross-examination in the Paralympian's murder trial for shooting dead his girlfriend.

Here are the highlights from Wednesday’s proceedings:

– The trial will break during Easter and restart on May 5 because the lawyers had other engagements. Judge Thokozile Masipa said she would read through over 2,000 pages of court record with her assessors during the time.

– Prosecution lawyer Gerrie Nel cast doubt on the expertise of defence forensic expert, university professor Roger Dixon.

Under cross-examination, Dixon conceded he did not have training in sound analysis nor blood splatters or ballistics, though he testified on all these elements.

“You see, Mr Dixon, how irresponsible it is to try and be an expert on an area that you’re not,” said Nel.

– The forensic expert identified recorded sounds to be comparisons between gunshots and a bat hitting a door, but admitted under cross-examination he had not been present when they were recorded.

– Dixon conceded that “the instruments that I used were my eyes” to measure light in the double amputee sprinter’s bedroom, which he claims was too dark for him to see his girlfriend was not in bed.

Pistorius is on trial for shooting dead Reeva Steenkamp behind a locked bathroom door. The 27-year-old says he thought she was an intruder.