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Key quotes from the Pistorius ruling

Published on 11/09/2014

Judge Thokozile Masipa on Thursday started handing down her judgement in the trial of Oscar Pistorius, finding him not guilty of murder.

Here are some key quotes from the judge so far:

On the state’s case:

“The state clearly has not proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of premeditated murder.”

“Viewed in its totality, the evidence failed to establish that the accused had the requisite intention to kill the deceased, let alone with premeditation.”

“The accused therefore cannot be found guilty of murder.”

On Pistorius’s actions:

“He took a conscious decision, he knew where he kept his firearm and he knew where his bathroom was. This is inconsistent with lack of criminal capacity.”

“The intention to shoot however does not necessarily include the intention to kill.”

“Clearly he did not objectively foresee this as a possibility that he would kill the person behind the door.”

On Pistorius’s own testimony:

“The accused was a very poor witness.”

“The accused was, amongst other things an evasive witness.”

“He failed to listen properly to questions put to him under cross-examination, giving the impression that he was more worried by the impact his answers might cause rather than the questions asked.”

On neighbour’s testimony:

“Most witnesses had their facts wrong.”

“I am of the view that they failed to separate what they knew personally or what they heard from other people or what they gathered from the media.”

On the relevance of documented rows and expressions of love between Pistorius and Steenkamp:

“Neither the evidence of the loving relationship or a relationship turned sour can assist this court to determine whether the accused had the requisite intention to kill the deceased.”