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Did you find love after 40?

Married for the first time in her 40s, Lesley is interviewing men and women from all over the world who also found love over 40. The results are being compiled into an inspirational relationship guide. Many of the interviewees are expats, humanitarian aid workers or living far from their country of origin.

Questions include:

  • How did they attract love, what was different this time and how did they know this was it?
  • In the case of expats, what was the significance of their cultural background? Did the absence of family and traditional frames of reference play a part?
  • If they married what did the ceremony itself and an official union mean to the couple?
  • In common with couples of all ages, how do they keep passion alive, five, ten and more years into the marriage? If falling in love over 40 can be called lucky, staying together cannot. Lesley puts it down to love, patience and plentiful mini-breaks.

The concept was well received by agents and writers at the GWG February “Meet the agents” workshop in Geneva. She is a member of the Geneva Writers Group (GWG).

If you fell in love over 40 and would like to be interviewed and participate in Lesley’s survey please contact [email protected]. The best stories could be included in a future anthology on love over 40.

The deadline for submissions for the anthology is 30 September. 


Photo: n!ck/Flickr (hearts)