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Angola expels 47 DR Congo nationals

Angola has expelled nearly 50 nationals of the Democratic Republic of Congo living illegally in the country’s northern Zaire province, the immigration service said Sunday.

“These foreigners have lived in the province illegally for more than two months without being disturbed,” a local immigration official told AFP.

“We were able to identify them after they were exposed by the locals.”

Every week, the immigration service in Zaire deports at least a dozen migrants who are mostly from DR Congo through the border posts of Luvo, Soyo and Noqui.

Angola expelled at least 5,400 Congolese between April 1 and 19 this year, when 100 women were also raped, according to a priest who is the diocesan director of Caritas Luebo in DR Congo’s Kasai-Occidental province.

Seven Brazilians were also deported from Luanda’s airport for working for a Brazilian construction company with fake work visas, said immigration service spokesman Milagre Simao.

Four immigration officials were arrested, he added.