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Cross-border international banking for expats


With more and more people moving across borders and settling in different countries, the need for cross-border banking options has grown considerably in recent times. If you're an expat looking to transfer money from one country to another, there are both traditional banks and newer financial companies...


Overseas pension transfers: the common issues and pitfalls of QROPS


Pension transfers to QROPS for UK expats and internationals have been possible since 2006, but they are not without issues and challenges.

Bitcoin Investment Hype

Expert advice on the Bitcoin investment hype


The Bitcoin frenzy, although over its peak, is still raging on. To help potential investors see through the hype, Koen De Leus, Chief Economist at BNP Paribas Fortis, shares his advice.

How to send money from the US

International money transfers: How to send money from the US


Sending money from the US to another country used to be time-consuming and expensive, requiring you to make a special trip to your bank and wait days or even weeks for your money to arrive.

Insurance South Africa

Insurance in South Africa


With a higher crime rate than most countries, you can expect to pay more for insurance in South Africa, whether it be life, pet, car or travel insurance. Here's a guide to provide you with more information, including a list of South African insurance companies.

Retiring in South Africa

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Find out what the legal retirement age in South Africa is, along with how to approach retirement planning in South Africa.

Pension funds in South Africa


Learn more about SASSA grants including how to set up a South African pension, SASSA payment dates and where to find a retirement calculator for South Africa.

Banks in South Africa

Listing of banking institutions in South Africa


Here's a listing of banking institutions in South Africa, including the monetary authority, locally controlled banks, branches of international banks and banking-related organisations in South Africa.

Opening a bank account in South Africa

How to open a bank account in South Africa


Can foreigners open a bank account in South Africa? This guide explains how to open a bank account in South Africa as a resident, plus conditions for non-resident bank accounts in South Africa.

Tax in South Africa

A guide to tax in South Africa


Tax in South Africa can applicable to worldwide income; this South African tax guide explains the South African tax system, South African tax rates, how to file your South African tax return and VAT in South Africa.

Company tax South Africa

A guide to company tax in South Africa


For self-employed workers and business owners, this guides explains company tax in South Africa, including company tax rates and dividend taxes.

wills act south africa

Wills, inheritance tax and law of succession in South Africa


Don't leave your assets to fate; this guide explains inheritance tax and the law of succession in South Africa, as well as how to prepare a last will and testament in South Africa.

Income tax South Africa

Calculating your income tax in South Africa


You may be liable to pay South African income tax as an expat. This guide covers the SARS income tax system, income tax brackets for South Africa, deadlines, allowances and income tax calculators for South Africa.

Transferring a pension

Pension transfers for UK expats: how to make QROPS work for you


An overview of the options for UK pensioners moving abroad during retirement: leaving your pension in a UK plan, or transferring it into a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS).

Brexit currency impact

Brexit and its strong impact on currency exchange rates


The monumental Brexit has yielded political, cultural and also economical consequences. Here we explain how the UK's vote to leave the EU has led to significant Brexit currency impacts like lower currency exchange rates and the British pound devaluation.

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