Top must-have apps in Thailand

With these must-have apps in Thailand, you can easily order food, navigate transport, find a home, and search for jobs.

Thailand apps

By Autumn Laklem

Updated 14-3-2024

Whether you need assistance buying property, finding a good healthcare provider, ordering food, or getting around, these apps will help you transition smoothly. With just a few taps on your mobile phone, you’ll digitally adjust to your new life. 

Here are the top app suggestions for living in Thailand:

Apps for public transport in Thailand

Whether catching a bus in Chiang Mai or riding the metro around Bangkok, navigating the public transport system can be tricky. However, these apps will help you quickly find your way around the country like a local.


As an expat in Thailand, you may want to explore your new city immediately. This is made much easier with the ViaBus app (เวียบัส). Whenever you want to travel, you can use the app to search stops and routes, see real-time bus locations, and get recommended travel routes.

Buses, taxis, mopeds, and tuk-tuks on the street
Photo: Matt Hunt/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

This way, you will never miss a bus and always know how to get from point A to point B.


Once you’ve become familiar with your immediate surroundings, you might want to start exploring other cities and provinces nearby. 12Go is an all-in-one app that allows you to book trains, buses, flights, ferries, and taxis almost anywhere in the country.

The platform offers competitive pricing and real-time availability. It also enables you to book e-tickets through the app conveniently. All you need to do is show up and step aboard.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a vital app to download and install before traveling. Thailand’s cities can be quite confusing as streets are not usually clearly marked, and often, the signs might not have English translations. Google Maps provides versatility with directions for public transport, driving, or if you choose to walk.

Mobility apps in Thailand

Whether due to lugging around heavy suitcases or heading home late after a night out, these apps can be a lifeline when you want to avoid using public transport systems.


Grab is the best app for catching a taxi anywhere around the city. It is the equivalent of Uber in Thailand and is one of the country’s most popular transport and food apps.

Woman holds a coffee and looks on her mobile app while standing on the street. a green and yellow tax drives in the background
Photo: FilippoBacci/ Getty Images

One great thing about using Grab is that the price of your trip is agreed beforehand through the app. This helps you to avoid getting scammed or being severely overcharged. Furthermore, customers can pay by either card or cash, making it easy if they don’t carry money.


Another useful taxi app and a great alternative if the wait times with Grab are too high is Bolt. Prices tend to be slightly cheaper than Grab. However, drivers only accept cash payments. Just like Grab, the price for the ride is already agreed upon.


While wandering around, you may notice bright green bikes at docking stations around some of the busiest neighborhoods. Anywheel provides a fun, affordable, and environmentally friendly transport alternative.

Users simply download the app and use the built-in map to locate the nearest docking station. The bikes are unlocked by scanning a QR code, and the base fares are as low as ฿10. Alternatively, monthly passes are available starting from as low as ฿200.

Weather apps for Thailand

Thailand is well known for its tropical climate and unpredictable weather conditions. Fortunately, the following apps can help you prepare for whatever the day may look like and adjust accordingly.


AirVisual is an app that is useful for everyone concerned about their health. During certain times of the year, the pollution levels in Thailand can be dangerously high. With this app, you can find detailed pollution information to help you understand the daily air quality. You can then act to protect yourself accordingly.

Weather Live

Weather Live is a popular user-friendly app that offers live weather forecasts nationwide. It accurately predicts daily temperature, humidity, weather conditions, and more. The app also provides an option for a Home Screen widget, making it even more easily accessible.

Additionally, there are beautifully animated background options to personalize the app to your taste.

Thai Weather

Thai Weather – developed by the Meteorological Department – focuses explicitly on Thailand’s weather updates and notifications. For example, in the monsoon season, severe storms can come on quite suddenly, and this is a great app for urgent warnings and weather change notifications.

Government apps in Thailand

One of the most significant stresses about moving overseas is sorting out your visa and navigating the public healthcare system. Here are some essential apps to make it easier to keep on top of it all.

Tang Rat

Developed by the Digital Government Development Agency (DGA), Tang Rat (ทางรัฐ, Government Way) is a mobile application that seeks to provide an all-in-one digital portal of government services for Thai residents. The app allows citizens to pay bills, vehicle and land tax, license plate and loan applications, and more.

Immigration Online Booking

One of the most tedious parts of moving to Thailand is the constant visa appointments with the immigration office. The Immigration Online Booking app makes the whole process a lot less stressful, as you can easily reserve a spot via the app and never lose track of important dates.

Moh Prompt

Mohprompt (หมอพร้อม Mor Prom: Prepared Doctors) is Thailand’s government health application, enabling users to keep digital copies of all health and vaccination records.

Older woman with grey hair in a hospital gown lifts her glasses to read on her phone
Photo: manassanant pamai/Getty Images

Furthermore, the app provides a government-recognized platform to store all health documents for official purposes.

Jobhunting apps in Thailand

Are you feeling anxious about finding a job in Thailand? Here are some great apps to help with your job hunt.


Named the most popular job-searching platform in Thailand, JobThai boasts over 3 million page views per day. The application is available in English and Thai, making it easy to navigate. You can filter searches by location to find employment opportunities closer to your home. There is even an option to create a resume within the app if you do not already have one.


JobsDB is an international search engine powered by SEEK. The app makes it easy to filter searches by keyword, location, or specialty. It even allows you to select top employers to see what job opportunities are available in your area.


Ranking as the number 2 job-seeking website in Thailand, JobBKK is another app that allows users to streamline their search to look for the job they want more effectively. You can filter searches by location, job type, career level, and even minimum and maximum salary.

Apps for finding a home in Thailand

Are you trying to find your dream home and unsure where to start looking?

woman taking out the for sale sign from a front yard, the new buyers are standing by with their kid.
Photo: Me 3645 Studio/Getty Images


As Thailand’s leading real estate website, DDProperty has an extensive list of properties available for all budgets and lifestyles. Furthermore, you can easily shortlist properties to view later or set up an alert.


RentHub is a great app for those wanting cheap and affordable accommodation in Thailand. It allows you to search by map, clearly displaying public transport routes to find accommodation with easy access to work or other parts of the country.

Although not as localized as the other apps, is an international property database allowing users to search real estate within a price range based on their home currency. The app is user-friendly and makes it easy to search with the in-app map, even providing information on the area’s flood and wildfire risks and noise pollution. 

Thai TV, music, or streaming apps

One of the best ways to settle into Thailand as an expat is by exploring local music and entertainment. These are the best apps if you want to immerse yourself in Thai music and films.

person listening to music on their phone
Photo: Masego Morulane/Getty Images


Spotify was recently launched in Thailand and has quickly become the leading music streaming platform in the country, taking over the local music streaming service Joox.


Since Netflix launched in Thailand, it has become the number one streaming platform due to its affordable pricing and extensive selection of Thai movies and TV shows.

AIS Play

Combining several music and entertainment streaming platforms into one app, AIS Play makes it easy and affordable to access unlimited entertainment across multiple devices.

Apps to get the news in Thailand

Following local Thai news can sometimes be tricky with smart TVs and streaming platforms. Here are a few apps to ensure you have the most up-to-date news stories in the palm of your hand.

Bangkok Post Epaper

The Bangkok Post Epaper is a free application that provides English-language news reported by one of Thailand’s leading newspapers. 

My Thairath

Providing news across different categories, My My Thairath is a great app for staying up to date with current news and events in Thailand. Furthermore, users can access live HD news broadcasts from across the country anytime.


The Thaiger has become one of the top media apps for expats. It provides current news, immigration information, and lifestyle articles in English and Thai.

Banking and money transfer apps in Thailand

Doing money transfers quickly and conveniently in a new country can be tricky. Whether you need to move funds abroad or make local payments, these apps will help to make the process easier and more affordable.


Like TrueMoney, LinePay is another popular digital wallet that makes sending and receiving payments a breeze in Thailand.

sales person smiling and holding out the portable pin machine to the customer (out of frame), who is paying with their phone
Photo: krisanapong detraphiphat/Getty Images

It is easy to top up, and users can quickly pay bills and public transport fees, buy groceries, or instantly transfer money.

TrueMoney Wallet

TrueMoney Wallet is Thailand’s leading online wallet application. The app can be easily linked to a bank account or card and your local mobile phone number. Payments are easy, and funds can be transferred to other wallets within seconds.

Western Union

The Western Union app is the fastest and most efficient way to transfer money internationally in and out of Thailand. Western Union is also available via major banks or counters at most shopping malls.


Wise is a global leader in online international money transfers, letting you move money at an exchange rate several times cheaper than your bank. Whatever your personal or business needs, this easy-to-use app can make your money go further.

Apps for socializing and events in Thailand

If you are looking for the best ways to integrate into Thai culture, there is no better way than joining in with social events and local festivals.

aerial view of a large crowd celebrating the Songkran Festival in Thailand
Songkran Festival (Photo: SONGPHOL THESAKIT/ Getty Images)

Not only are these fun, but they also give greater insight into Thailand’s social norms, language, and history.

Major Cineplex

Major Cineplex is the biggest cinema operator in Thailand, with over 180 screens nationwide. Going to the movies has become an exciting new experience with word-class facilities like IMAX, Kids cinema, E-sport cinema, and Screen X.

The mobile app makes it easy to purchase tickets and enjoy a fun night out with friends.


ZipEvent is one of the best apps for expats to find events across Thailand. It will send you tailored notifications of upcoming social gatherings that might interest you.

Amazing Thailand

Powered by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Amazing Thailand app provides detailed information on travel, events, festivals, shopping, restaurants, and more. The app makes it easy to know the when and the where of upcoming events or festivals and how to book tickets and participate.

Sustainable lifestyle apps in Thailand

Many people are becoming more environmentally conscious but do not always know how to implement sustainable practices in a new country. However, with the right apps, it can become much easier to live a greener lifestyle wherever you are.

Zero Carbon

Thailand launched the Zero Carbon app (Android and iOS) in July 2023 to help tourists monitor their carbon footprint by providing alternative travel routes and methods. It is a joint venture by state and private organizations to actively support the tourism industry to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2027.


If you want to enjoy food while combating waste, Yindii (ยินดี, happy) is the app for you if you live in Bangkok. It provides residents with environmentally conscious restaurants, grocery stores, and cafes. The app also provides a platform for businesses to offer “Happy Hour Deals” on food that would otherwise go to waste.

Green Tourism App

Tourism positively impacts Thailand’s economy but can also negatively affect its natural surroundings. Therefore, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT – การท่องเที่ยวแห่งประเทศไทย) developed the Green Tourism App (App ท่องเที่ยวเชิงอนุรักษ์) to encourage sustainable and responsible travel.

woman with tattoos and a huge camera with a telelens, standing in a forest taking a picture.
Photo: wera Rodsawang/Getty Images

For example, it lists eco-friendly hotels and resorts and places of natural beauty to instill the values of environmental conservation.  

Eating and food delivery apps in Thailand

When living in Thailand, one of the essential things to do is explore the country’s culinary delights, from local markets to food courts. Fortunately, many Thai apps can help you do this.


Not only is Grab a convenient app for transport, but you can also use it to order food. Simply choose your delivery location, select your menu item, and confirm and pay your order. You can even track the delivery of your order in real-time.


FoodPanda (ฟู้ดแพนด้า) is an app that allows users to order freshly cooked food and groceries from various participating stores delivered to their homes. With competitive deals and daily discount vouchers, FoodPanda remains one of the top convenience apps in Thailand.


One of the most popular apps in Thailand for food delivery is LineMan. Whether you want to order takeaways or have fresh produce delivered to your door, this app will save you time and the stress of battling traffic to get it yourself.