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Last update on December 09, 2018

Don’t let a scam ruin your Parisian dream; let a former French policeman guide you on how to avoid the classic scams designed to part you from your valuables.

How to avoid the fake petition trick in Paris, France

Don’t sign everything you read! These scams are well developed, for example, young people might offer a fake petition for a deaf association by approaching you with sign language.


Avoiding train robbery in France

The busy metro can be a goldmine for quick-fingered thieves.


How to avoid the bracelet scam

The bracelet scam is one of the most aggressive tourist scams. These people even assaulted the police commissioner of Paris last September, when he was asking them to stop harassing the tourists.


How to avoid the drop scam

This scam is also known as the ‘Gold Ring Scam’ and the ‘Found Wallet Scam’.

How to avoid the gambling scam

The gambling scam is also known as the ‘Three-card Monte’. This scam is very old but unfortunately is still happening.