Working in France
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Benefits of offshore companies

Offshore companies in France


Consider the benefits of setting up an offshore company while living in France, by registering, establishing or incorporating your business 'offshore'.

Work in Spain

Women on international assignment: An evolutionary perspective


Women need to work abroad to improve their international career prospects, but the challenge is finding a job abroad in the first place.

Work in France

FAQs on recruiting in France


Our Expatica HR expert explains how the recruitment process works in France, and what to expect from French business culture when looking for a job in France.

Belgian business culture

Business culture in France

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This handy guide from Expertise in Labour Mobility includes information on French management culture, hierarchy, negotiations, and business etiquette in France.

Find a job on LinkedIn with targeted networking

How to create a targeted network on LinkedIn


To help you find a job with targeted networking on LinkedIn, consultant Christian Pielow outlines seven steps to get you started.

Act now if you want to teach abroad

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Most international schools hire teachers for the new academic year as early as January to March, so you need to apply early if you want to teach abroad.

Should you consider teaching abroad?

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There are many benefits to teaching abroad, and the growing number of international schools worldwide means there are many teaching jobs available abroad.

Work contracts in France: French work contracts

French labour laws: Employment contracts


What's the difference between a CDD and CDI? Here's a guide on the types of French job contracts, from negotiating your contract to terminating employment.

Wages in France

French labour laws: Wages and pay slips

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Read about wages in France with this comprehensive guide to remuneration and pay slips in France.

Working week and leave in France

French labour laws: Working time and leave


Read Expatica’s comprehensive guide to the leave you are entitled to while working in France and the maximum number of working hours per week.

Making the most of networking opportunities

7 costly mistakes to avoid when networking


John B Fisher, Founder of Business for Breakfast, shares expert tips for making the most of networking opportunities.

Social media for business

Tips for using social media for business

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Expatica poll results: How and why Expatica readers use social media for business, plus some expert tips.

Working in Europe

EU legislation protects expat employees

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How much are European expats protected by European legislation? Here’s a brief guide to the essential EU legislation provisions for expats working in Europe.

Working online

How to work with 'virtual' colleagues


Communication across cultures can be difficult to manage when working online. Ruby Carlino outlines how to successfully work with virtual colleagues across the globe.

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