General Questions

What is an expat?

An expat, which is short for “expatriate,” is anyone who has left their home country to live in another.

How do I become an expat?

It depends. All countries have different visa requirements, and depending on your nationality, you may experience a different procedure to obtain a visa for a particular country. Read through our country guides to see which suits you best!

About Expatica

What is Expatica?

Expatica is an information hub for all things related to expats. Our goal is provide expats with thorough, unbiased information to help them get settled and succeed in their new countries.

Who writes Expatica’s articles?

Articles that appear on Expatica are written by the in-house editorial team as well as freelancers around the world. Many of our freelancers are expats themselves, and they often live or have lived in the country for which they write. If you’d like to become an Expatica freelance writer, contact us!