Editorial policy

Expatica is committed to editorial quality.

We believe our own interests are best served by giving priority to the interests of our readers. With that in mind, Expatica’s editorial team strives to provide trustworthy, reliable information by defending itself against influence by commercial considerations.

News and information for English-speaking expatriates in Europe

Expatica’s editors handpick news stories and feature articles to ensure they are relevant to our readers. Our news articles are sourced by reputable providers, while our articles are written by a team of research editors and high-quality freelance contributors who have extensive knowledge of expatriate life, issues that affect expats, and news and events in the countries in which Expatica operates.

Expatica’s editorial team works to the following guidelines:

  • News stories and feature articles are selected by one criterion: their relevance and interest to our audience.
  • Our reporting and selection of news and feature articles will not be influenced by the demands of advertisers.
  • We are happy to receive input from advertisers and other commercial parties with a view to improving our editorial content with relevant expert knowledge. Final control of the content, however, rests with the editorial team, and no commercial bias or links are allowed in-text.
  • Advertisement contracts will not be based on any promise of editorial favour. Advertisers who wish to appear on the site can do so by purchasing an ‘advertorial’, which will be clearly marked to readers as being contributed by a commercial client.
  • We will strive for the highest quality of reporting, writing and design.
  • We will correct any factual mistakes pointed out to us to maintain our pledge of accuracy.


From time to time, the sales team sells advertorials on Expatica sites. Advertorials are paid articles that contain advertising material, and as such, the editorial team has no control over their content, nor take responsibility for the information provided.

Advertorials must:

  • Be labelled as 'Contributed by [client's name]' in the introduction and the credit blurb of the article.
  • Display the logo of the company in the thumbnail picture, where possible.
  • Be limited within each channel to never exceed a 2:1 editorial:advertorial ratio in relation to Expatica's feature articles.

How to write for Expatica

Expatica uses freelance journalists on most of its publications. We welcome submissions from qualified, published writers.

To stand the best chance of having your article published on Expatica, please study the website to see how an article or topic idea would fit in to one of our channels.

Expatica is also interested in hearing from amateur writers wishing to describe their experiences as an expat. These submissions are unpaid.

Submitting an article

To have the best chance of being published, articles should:

  • Be non-commercial.
  • Be written clearly and succinctly (500 to 1,000 words long).
  • Be of interest to expatriates.

Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word format or pasted directly into an email. We reserve the right to edit submitted articles. Articles that do not meet Expatica’s standard will not be published.

If writers are seeking a fee, they are advised to contact Expatica’s editors to discuss it before submitting a finished article.

Please send articles or article ideas to editorial@expatica.com or fill in the feedback form online.

Letters to the editor

We reserve the right to publish any communications sent to Expatica, unless otherwise requested.

The ideal letter is short and to the point. It should contain your address, telephone number, or email so that we can contact you. These details will not be published.

We reserve the right to edit letters before publication.

Please send letters to expaticaservice@expatica.com or fill in the feedback form online.

For further information on Expatica's editorial policy, please contact our editorial department via expaticaservice@expatica.com.