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Last update on February 18, 2020

We give you some ideas on how and where to have fun with your kids in Germany.

Germany has many spectacular amusement parks with activities for the whole family. Thrilling roller coaster rides are just the tip of the iceberg. Generate some excitement at your house by promising the kids a trip to a haunted castle, darkest Africa or cavorting with pirates. Here are some tips on where to find fun activities for your children in Germany.

Theme parks

Europa Park

Rust, Germany
With more than 100 attractions and shows, ten roller coasters and 13 European-themed areas, Europa Park is the largest seasonal theme park in the world. The park is located near the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland, and is easily accessible from Basle, Strasbourg and Freiburg.

Movie park

Bottrop-Kirchhellen, Germany
Movie Park is divided into six areas, each with their own collection of attractions. You and your kids are going to have loads of fun here visiting Hollywood, the Old West, the Ice Age and more.


Brühl, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Phantasialand attracts approximately 2 million visitors annually. Although it started as a family-oriented park, Phantasialand has also added thrill rides, especially in recent years. In addition, following the example of Europa Park, they have also decided to attract business customers, calling it “Business der neuen Dimension” (“business of a new dimension”).


Eifel National Park

Schleiden-Gemünd, Germany
Set in a dramatic landscape of woods interspersed with water, Eifel National Park will allow you to experience the fascinating natural diversity of a wilderness first hand. In this large protection area about 65 kilometres southwest of Cologne, nature is being left to its own eternal cycle of growth and decay. In an area of 110 square kilometres (17,000 football pitches), the motto is “Let nature be nature”.

Cologne Zoo

Cologne, Germany
At the Cologne Zoo, over 10,000 animals have found a new home — more than any other zoo in Germany. Come and see okapis, lemurs, alpacas, African marabous, birds of paradise, tapirs and many other animals — at one of the oldest and yet also most modern zoos in the world.

Munich Zoo

Munich, Germany
Hellabrunn is not a zoo in the classical sense. It is more of a nature preserve within the landscape conservation area of the Isar meadows, and is inhabited by animals that live in especially large, structured enclosures. Thanks to an extensive array of ditches and a natural landscape design, visitors can enjoy the wonderful and unobstructed view of animals that could normally only be obtained on safari.



Stralsund, Germany
A declaration of love to the ocean — the Ozeaneum Stralsund in Northern Germany takes you on a fascinating underwater journey through the northern seas. Float through the broad glass foyer on Europe’s longest self-supporting escalator into the fascinating world of the seas.

The Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum

Dusseldorf, Germany
Immerse yourself in the colourful world underwater at the Aquazoo. The Aquazoo also has a Gentoo Penguin colony and an insectarium. The Aquazoo is associated with the Löbbecke Museum and the Zoological Garden Düsseldorf.

Zoo Aquarium Berlin

Berlin, Germany
Even after ninety years, the Zoo Aquarium Berlin is still a mecca of biodiversity and history for aquarium and terrarium fans. The three storeys of Zoo Aquarium present fish, lower animals, reptiles and amphibians. At its heart is the Crocodile Hall, the world’s first walk-in animal enclosure for visitors. You can also watch feeding shows for sharks and crocodiles. The feeding schedule is on their website.

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Heligenhafen – visit the wonderful fishing port that is also close to many other childrens attractions.